Toronto Landscape Construction Services

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. is a reputed company for residential and commercial landscaping projects in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Caledon, and the Halton, Peel, and Durham Regions. We use high-quality materials for all our projects and pay attention to every detail of landscape construction.

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping can dictate the character of a residential or commercial space. In addition to making a property visually appealing, hard landscaping also has several functional advantages, such as creating links between buildings and defining private areas. It also aids in the smooth flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. is committed to providing high-quality hardscaping to its clients at the most affordable prices. Our hardscaping services include:

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used for holding sloping ground in place and preventing soil erosion. In addition to the functional aspects, well-designed retaining walls can transform the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The experts at Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. will build substantial, sturdy retaining walls that will easily accommodate and resist the pressure exerted by the sloping ground. We will ensure that the retaining wall blends seamlessly with your landscape design, whether it’s a formal, contemporary, or traditional look.

Driveways and Walkways Landscaping ideas

Beautiful driveways and walkways help in creating an attractive, welcoming ambience in your home or office. At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., we strive to create stunning driveways and walkways that are not only beautiful, but also long-lasting.

Landscape Boulder Installation

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful features of a landscape. Selecting the right materials and installing them properly plays an important role in ensuring that the boulders add to the beauty of your landscape. The experienced designers at Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. will carefully choose boulders that work well with the details of your landscape.

Water Features

Water features, such as ponds, rockeries, and pebble mosaics, add to the charm and beauty of your outdoor space. While adding water features to your landscape, we will ensure that they are safe and easy to maintain. We will design the water features in such a manner that they provide you a calm, relaxing ambience.

Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping is the part of landscape construction that does not involve construction. The common elements of softscaping include trees, potted plants, shrubs, lawns, and flowering plants. Soft landscaping involves a fair amount of thinking ahead, as many plants take years to grow. Our softscaping features include:


Planting trees and shrubs correctly is one of the most crucial tasks in soft landscaping. At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., we have the knowledge and skill to provide effective planting services. We examine all the aspects, including root health, climate, and soil conditions, before determining which species will be ideally suited for your landscape. We also provide useful advice and tips on aftercare to ensure a long lifespan for your trees and shrubs.

Grading & Sodding Services

Improper grading can lead to poor drainage, causing basement flooding and degradation of your landscape. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to a grading job. At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., we have the skills and tools to properly grade a property and prevent any damage to it. We also provide comprehensive sodding services to ensure that your lawn is lush, green, and healthy.