Landscape Design, Construction, Maintenance & Other Services

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. provides award-winning landscape services in Peel Region, Caledon, Toronto, and Halton. Whether you are looking to beautify a commercial property or enhance a personal residence, our services can easily bring your vision to life in a timely and affordable manner.

Landscape Design Services

It can sometimes be hard to decide exactly what it is that you want from a space. As part of our landscape design services in Peel and elsewhere, our designers will work with you to devise the ideal landscape plan for your property. This is a series of consultations, site analyses, concept development, and finalization that lets you have input at every step of the process. Read more

Landscape Construction Services

Whether servicing Toronto, Peel Region, or any other spot in the GTA, our landscape construction services can expertly craft hardscape and softscape designs. Hardscapes are solid objects ranging from walkways to water features and softscapes are plant elements like installed trees, fine grading, or sod. Read more

Carpentry and Woodworking Services

Our professional craftsmen can provide custom carpentry for your Toronto landscape. We understand the needs and expectations people have when it comes to outdoor structures, and we work closely with clients while designing the decks, patios, pergolas, or tree houses of their dreams. Read more

Fence Building & Fence Installation

At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. we take great pride in the fences that we are able to build for our clients.  We are a one stop solution for any of your residential, commercial or industrial fencing needs.  What sets us apart from other fencing companies is our ability to provide a range of fencing solutions to suit any environment or taste.  Read more

Post Hole Digging

The Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. team are experts at digging post holes to suit any residential, commercial or industrial need and are ready to give you a quote on your project today.  Our team of post hole digging professionals are very well trained in the art of digging post holes deep and straight to ensure that the work they do stands the test of time.  Read more

Excavation Services

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. has been able to provide efficient and affordable excavation services to Toronto and the GTA.  We are always able to complete the project on schedule and we work hard to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied. Read more

Horticulture/Garden Maintenance Services

Whether you’re looking for urban gardening, a few trees out front, or another way of adding garden landscape design to your Peel Region property, we can oblige. We pride ourselves on our green thumbs and turn these talents towards lawn care management, plant maintenance, seasonal clean-ups, arboriculture, and horticulture assessments. Plant life can be one of the most stunning and unique features of a landscape, and we want to make sure yours is as memorable as it can be. Read more

Seasonal Plantings and Urn Designs

Seasonal planting services can spice up the interior or exterior of any Toronto property. We work with you to select the perfect plants, flowers, and urns to form a unique arrangement that can become a relaxing and pleasing addition to your property. Read more

Snow Removal and Ice Control

It goes without saying that Canada can get cold in winter, and no one wants to get buried under snow or slip up on ice. Our snow removal services in Peel and our ice control initiatives help clients enjoy winter without breaking their backs over a shovel or having to worry about getting glazed over in ice. Read more

Stormwater Ponds & Rain Gardens

Intense rainfall can cause flooding as it overwhelms local storm drains. Stormwater ponds & rain gardens are useful features that help slow the progress of rainwater into the local systems, allowing proper disposal without overwhelming the drain itself. If you’ve ever dreaded what a heavy rainfall could do to your property, it can help to give a storm water earthworks some consideration.

Accurate Streetscape Installation

Streetscape installations are a way of enhancing what might otherwise be a crowded and drab street in Toronto. Whether by adding trees, benches, or other aesthetic features, streetscapes help increase the appeal of an area and make it more pleasing and mentally refreshing.

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential landscaping services in the Peel Region or surrounding area, Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. can help you for end-to-end landscape installation. Call us at (647) 208-5672.