Garden Landscaping Design Ideas for Summer

landscaping design ideasSummer is one of the best times to start on landscaping your garden. With the weather ideal for growing plants and spending time outdoors in general, landscaping design in the summer lets you build your garden and enjoy it too. Here are some ideas to help inspire your garden designs and get your mind jump-started on awesome landscaping concepts.

Garden Landscaping Ideas to Fuel Your Dream Yard

Use Seasonal Urn Plantings

One of the benefits of summer weather is that it expands the types of flowers you can plant in seasonal urns. Your yard could soon be welcoming a veritable bouquet of tropical plants and additions like oleander, hibiscus, begonias, ivies, fuchsias, ferns, crotons, and more. Due to Canada’s climate, summer is often the only time of year many of these plants will be available, so take the time to enjoy them before fall.

Add Fragrance

Flowers and plants are more than just appealing to the eye. Many come with their own special fragrances and the phrase “stop and smell the roses” exists for a reason. By making a careful floral selection, you can cultivate a delightfully fragrant aura around your garden that treats the nose as much as the flowers indulge the eyes. Consider plants like petunias, heliotrope, scented-leafed geraniums, sweet peas, and of course, roses.

Add Water Features

Bringing water into your landscape design adds a level of tranquility and peace that is hard to achieve otherwise. Just imagine being able to relax amidst your beautiful garden and enjoy the gentle sounds of a brook or waterfall. Water features are available in a variety of styles, themes, and sizes so it is usually possible to find one that fits your budgetary needs. Even small features can have a big impact and help shape the overall atmosphere of the garden.

Add Structures

Try using structural plants in your summer landscaping design. These are plants like boxwood hedges, which can create a nice foil or backdrop for more colourful flowers. You can also try incorporating more novel-looking plants like a contorted white pine or another form of small tree or shrub. You could also try using more typical structures, like lattice pagodas or partitions, and allow plants such as vines to grow along them.

Small Garden Design

Having a small or narrow garden is no reason to abstain from landscaping. Whether you have a small bungalow, a condominium balcony, or a rooftop garden, it is possible to enjoy varied plant palettes in designs ranging from quant, cottage-style to more modern looks. Pulling this off can take some creativity or expert help, but the results are well worth it. For instance, we at Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. have a wide selection of flower arrangements and urn types that are tailored for small spaces. This allows you to find a unique combination that accents and brightens your yard or entrance, regardless of size.

Why Choose Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.

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