Fall Landscaping Projects

Now that summer is starting to wind down, you’re doubtlessly looking into getting your garden and yard ready for the winter. But Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., the leading provider of landscape structure and design in Durham Region, tells clients that this is the ideal time to put in a container garden.

Fall doesn’t mean that your yard has to look drab and dreary; a container garden will add a splash of colour to your yard. We can even plant a container garden themed around the upcoming holidays of Thanksgiving and Halloween. For instance, having orange and yellow plants around your home will blend seamlessly with the changing leaves.

There are a number of plants that will continue to grow, even as temperatures drop during the fall. As the top source of landscape structure and design in the Greater Toronto Region, we provide our clients with a variety of hearty plants that will continue to look great well into fall. Imagine how great your home will look when you’re welcoming family for Thanksgiving and trick-or-treaters for Halloween!

As part of your fall landscape structure and design, we can also add plant boxes to the exterior of your home. This is an ideal choice if your home has a small yard, but you still want to bring a splash of colour to it this fall.

While it may be tempting to leave fallen leaves on your lawn to create a seasonal look, we still recommend calling us to clean them up. Fallen leaves can conceal walkways and, if they get wet, become slippery and create a slip-and-fall risk. Raking leaves can be a backbreaking chore, especially if you have a large yard. This is a great service for older homeowners who might not be as spry as they used to be. We provide leaf raking as part of our yard maintenance at a low price.

Just because temperatures are getting lower doesn’t mean that you should start neglecting your lawn. You may not need to cut it as often, but it will still need to be fertilized at least once before the first frost. When you call us for landscape structure and design in Durham Region, we will make sure that your lawn is properly fertilized before the cold weather arrives, making it ready to start growing again in the spring.

Remember, even though it’s fall and everyone is back at work and school, your neighbours are still going to be around on the evenings and weekends, making yard maintenance important. In addition to landscape structure and design in the GTA, we will also perform that last little bit of yard maintenance before the first snow falls.

We will provide you with the bulbs that are best suited for planting at this time of year. And most importantly, we will plant the bulbs so you’ll have an amazing garden in the spring!

As the top provider of landscape structure and design in the Greater Toronto Area, we can offer a variety of suggestions on ways to brighten up your yard this fall. Call Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. for more information today!