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Snow Removal & Ice Control

Landscape Structures offers 24/7 snow removal and ice control services to both residential and commercial clients in Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA. We have the manpower and the right equipment to handle extensive snow removal tasks. Landscape Structures is a reputed name for providing effective snow removal and ice control services to our clients in the GTA in a timely and safe manner.

Why Choose Landscape Structures Snow Removal?

• 24/7 snow removal service
• Skilled manpower and latest equipment for snow removal and ice control
• Storm tracking services
• Proper liability insurance
• Successful track record

Snow Removal and Plowing Services

Snow plowing becomes necessary when the snow becomes one to three inches deep and weather conditions prevent it from melting. Our crew will immediately visit your property and quickly proceed with snow plowing and removal.

Ice Control and Melting

We provide effective ice control and melting services with the help of high-quality de-icing chemicals and salts. Our crew notes the ground temperature at your property and accordingly creates a de-icing plan. At Landscape Structures, we are very serious about environment conversation and ensure that none of the de-icing chemicals or salts we use are hazardous.